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Daylight Harvesting; It’s A Bright Idea!

13 04

Daylight harvesting was mandated in Title 24 to cut wasteful energy in already well-lit areas. If utilized correctly, it can result in big savings and happy customers! Say, for example, you have an office building that has numerous offices with floor to ceiling windows.  Those…

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Lighting Controls Commissioning or Acceptance Testing?

10 02

“What’s the difference between Advanced Lighting Controls Commissioning and Advanced Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing?”     As we’re still in the infancy stage of Title 24 Acceptance Testing for Advanced Lighting Controls, we’re often posed with that question.   To explain, we’ll go over the chronological…

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Why Does Title 24 Exist?

20 12

Two questions that are frequently overheard in the field are “What’s the purpose of Title 24?” and “What are it’s benefits?” We want to educate you as to what legislation prior, and up to Title 24 has been able to achieve. Also, we’ll delve into…

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Outdoor Lighting Controls & Title 24

15 09

A New Era in Outdoor Lighting Controls   Outdoor lighting controls are in the midst of a huge technology transformation which has been prompted by a slew of new installation standards which are forcing the manufactures into a mini arms race and  simultaneously challenging the…

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