Acceptance Testing

Serving the needs of electrical contractors around the San Francisco Bay Area. CalEnergy Electrical Corporation is your partner for Title 24 Advanced Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing.

Acceptance Testing is one part of a multi-stage compliance program. The tests are conducted by certified Lighting Control Acceptance Test Technicians to verify the Title 24 installation requirements are met and the installed equipment and lighting systems operate properly.

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Specialized: We are up to date on all current requirements and knowledgable about future requirements.
  2. Efficiency: We are experienced in performing Acceptance Tests. Overall we are more effective and more efficient which will result in a more attractive bottom line.
  3. Training: The Test Technicians under out employ have at least a minimum 3 years experience with advanced lighting controls, have undergone theoretical and hands-on training, and have taken written and practical exams to achieve certification.
  4. Quality Assurance: Utilize a 3rd party specialist to ensure the owner receives a top notch product. Reduce the chance for incurred expense from possible call backs due to improperly commissioned lighting systems.
  5. Collaborator: We are part of a team. We work with you throughout the construction process to ensure your lighting systems are properly designed and operate correctly to meet all the Title 24 requirements.

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Specializing in energy efficient lighting technologies and lighting controls acceptance testing, we are an all-encompassing resource for the design, implementation and commissioning of your advanced lighting control system.