Green Electrical Services

Lighting retrofit is a simple way to make your building more energy efficient. In a short period of time, the energy savings will not only pay for the equipment, but also produce a return on investment. Lighting retrofits not only improve the quality of light, but also result in less heat in the building envelope reducing HVAC run times. Couple this with increased longetivity of lamp life and utility rebate incentives to help reduce project costs, one can easily see the return of investments can be significant

We offer 100% financing for projects with 2-5 year payment options at very low rates. Frequently the energy savings are so large that monthly payment is less than savings. That’s an upgrade that pays you!

Goal Setting

& Visual Results

We meet with you to discuss your goals and create a lighting design of rebate-eligible products that meets your priorities for visual appeal and energy savings.


Monitoring Software &

Real Savings

Utilizing a visual Power Monitoring software we create a real time minute by minute energy usage portfolio in which we can monitor, track and benchmark your building electrical system. We take the guesswork out of calculating ROI by being able to isolate each component of your electrical system, identify energy waste, and provide solutions for energy saving opportunities.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Whether you already drive an electrical vehicle or are just thinking about buying one, you’ll find information and resources here that will help you make decisions, save money and simplify your life.

There are many benefits to owning an electric vehicle:

  • Electrical vehicles emit approximately 66 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2) compared with internal combustion vehicles. CO2 is the principle gas associated with global warming.
  • California has adopted several laws to accommodate the use of plug-in electric vehicles, including the qualification of select plug-in electric vehicles to use the HOV lane.
  • Discounted tolls, free parking and up to $7,500 in rebates.
  • Pay less than a dollar a gallon when charging off peak.


Green Electrical Services


CalEnergy Electrical Corporation utilizes EVITP (Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program) certified electricians. We are happy to assist you in every step along the way when deciding which electric vehicle is best for you. We can advise you on what rebates are available for different vehicle models, what charging options suit your needs, and determining which utility rate plan is best for you. We look forward to being your partner in empowering you to help save the environment while saving money.

Here are some resources to help you get started: http://www.pluginamerica.org/vehicles http://www.driveclean.ca.gov

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Specializing in energy efficient lighting technologies and lighting controls acceptance testing, we are an all-encompassing resource for the design, implementation and commissioning of your advanced lighting control system.