Title 24 “value Engineering”

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Title 24 “value Engineering”

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Title 24 “Value Engineering”.

Title 24 can be either a money pit or a gold mine. Most everyone involved is just kicking the rock down the road instead of facing the challenges head on. Many architects, engineers and contractors are often not 100% clear on what is or is not required by Title 24. The result is that electrical contractors exclude Title 24 and lighting control packages from their bid. This creates a snowball effect of issues down the line rseulting in projects ending up behind schedule, over budget, and with a whirlwind of change orders.

CalEnergy Electrical Corporation offers a solution in our Value Engineering Services. There are many benefits to pre-construction plan review & lighting control design. In working with CalEnergy in the design phase of your project it allows us to partner with you to ensure that your lighting system is designed to Title 24 standards. In doing so you greatly decrease the odds of change orders and confusion that can often occur during the installation phase, resulting in project delays.


We offer many different areas of service to accommodate your Title 24 Design needs.

Building Energy Analysis –

We offer full Title 24 reports, which many California counties now require to obtain a building permit.


Value Engineering –

We offer plan review & lighting control system design. A very beneficial service, which allows for us to identify, correct or design the system ensuring a streamlined construction process from beginning to end.


On-Site Device Calibration –

We offer commissioning services of your lighting control system to ensure everything is operating as intended and within the Title 24 parameters.


Consultation –

 We will work with you to ensure all the correct information is provided so the field wiring and interconnectivity of the lighting control system is fully understood, allowing for an on-time and on-budget installation.


Title 24 Acceptance Testing –

 Certified field technicians will inspect the installation of the lighting control system to ensure it was installed to the Title 24 Standards. This is a required stage of the construction process. Utilizing CalEnergy Electrical Corporation for our Value Engineering Services prior to our Acceptance Testing Services guarantees that you will pass with flying colors.


The Gold Mine

Title 24 is designed to save money. Everyone benefits from better energy savings practices. The ROI on lighting installations with the technologies used today is generally realized within 2-3 years. Yet, if the construction costs exceed the budget due to change orders, project delays, re-work and all of the pitfalls discussed above, that ROI is pushed out further making what was once a very attractive profitable solution a venture that now requires an Excedrin.

If you value the Gold Mine over the Money Pit partner with CalEnergy Electrical Corporation on all of your Title 24 projects.

“If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself”.

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